13 September 2009

Working on getting fit

After I got the confirmation that I've been accepted to the Gym, Health and Fitness Instructor course, I've doubled my efforts in terms of getting fit. Weightlifting (machines and free weights) is my favourite discipline, but the course will cover many other exercises as well. Even if I don't want to be an aerobics teacher, I still have to do aerobics as part of the course and know what is involved and how to do the moves. So I went to a Taebo class last Wednesday which was very exhausting, but I enjoyed it. The class is run by an incredibly fit bodybuilder who pushes the participants to their limits.
Friday I did a regular gym session and over the weekend, I've been hiking (see my post in my This 'n' That Blog). As it happens, I climbed the same mountain twice this weekend as the weather has been so beautiful. This time I followed the longest route which is 5.5km and goes up to the top of Mullaghmore and then down and around it. Great exercise and stunning scenery.
My legs are very tired now as I've been walking on very rough terrain. My knees have never been the best since I was in my early twenties, so I have to mind them, but they put up great with these 2 long walks this weekend.
I was actually more exhausted after getting back yesterday. Hopefully this means that my knees are getting used to more strenuous exercise again.
If you've checked out and liked my post in the other blog, here are a few more pictures of my walk around Mullaghmore in the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland.

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