24 August 2009

Today I did 60kg (132.28 pounds)!

Yes, I did.
Well, my trainer had his hands underneath the bar for safety, so I was a bit suspicious and I thought maybe he's helping me here.
But I know that I pushed the bar (and weights) up by myself for the important bit of the lift.
Don't ask me how I'm feeling this evening as I'm really sore! But I don't think the soreness is down to the bench press, more to the sit-ups I was doing with the medicine ball.
This is the third week running that my trainer made me do a lot of sit-ups with the medicine ball, but not just straight forward ones. I have to hand him the ball to the right, to the left, behind my head etc, so I'm stretching and moving in all directions.
My body is certainly telling me to take it easy for a couple of days. This was a hard training session today.
But I really don't want to discourage anybody out there. I'm a bit sore and tired, but I also feel absolutely fantastic and alive! Even 9 hours after the session. I recommend it!
I will hopefully have a couple of pictures soon. The leisure centre wanted to take pictures of myself and the winner of the men's bench press competition, but somehow they were unable to organise this. So my trainer wants to get some pictures of myself using the bench press. Hopefully, this will happen this week. If so, I'll put them in this blog.

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