18 August 2009

Lifted 55kg on the bench press today

I couldn't believe it myself, but I managed to lift 55kg on the bench press today. My trainer seemed to think that I could do it, although I wasn't sure at all and didn't feel very strong today.
But I did it :)
It's hard to explain and some of you may think I'm a bit mad. Other will hopefully understand why I'm doing this:
This is not about winning a competition, this is about me. I'm 54 years old now and could be a grandmother. (Hopefully though, my daughter has other plans for her immediate future.) However, I don't feel like 54 at all and am in better physical shape than I have been in years. This combined with the fact that I've finally managed to lose some weight has given me great encouragement.
I think what this is about is pushing myself to my limits and to find out what I can (still) do. Having a competitive nature obviously helps, but like I said before, I'm not competing against anybody here as there won't be another bench press competition in the local gym for another year, I reckon. I'm competing against myself and girls (and guys), let me tell you: it feels great! I'm not trying to do myself an injury either, that's why I'm relying on my personal trainer's expertise. He will push me hard, but he's safety conscious and will make sure that I don't injure myself. Saying that, I'm really quite sore this evening from my training session today. I didn't only push weights on the bench press, I did various other sets with weights and a lot of sit-ups with the medicine ball.
Doesn't sound like a lot of fun? Mmh, try it! You may be out of breath and exhausted, but you will feel absolutely fantastic after a demanding session like this. And if you're aching in the evening and during the night - well, it only shows you that you've had a good work-out.
What's your opinion?

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