13 September 2009

Working on getting fit

After I got the confirmation that I've been accepted to the Gym, Health and Fitness Instructor course, I've doubled my efforts in terms of getting fit. Weightlifting (machines and free weights) is my favourite discipline, but the course will cover many other exercises as well. Even if I don't want to be an aerobics teacher, I still have to do aerobics as part of the course and know what is involved and how to do the moves. So I went to a Taebo class last Wednesday which was very exhausting, but I enjoyed it. The class is run by an incredibly fit bodybuilder who pushes the participants to their limits.
Friday I did a regular gym session and over the weekend, I've been hiking (see my post in my This 'n' That Blog). As it happens, I climbed the same mountain twice this weekend as the weather has been so beautiful. This time I followed the longest route which is 5.5km and goes up to the top of Mullaghmore and then down and around it. Great exercise and stunning scenery.
My legs are very tired now as I've been walking on very rough terrain. My knees have never been the best since I was in my early twenties, so I have to mind them, but they put up great with these 2 long walks this weekend.
I was actually more exhausted after getting back yesterday. Hopefully this means that my knees are getting used to more strenuous exercise again.
If you've checked out and liked my post in the other blog, here are a few more pictures of my walk around Mullaghmore in the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland.

10 September 2009

My new Venture

I'm starting an exciting new venture in October:
I've been accepted to the Gym Instructor and Health and Fitness Course at the University of Limerick. I'm thrilled! This means a lot to me and I hope I'm up for it. Talked to various people who believe that I can do it and conferred with one of the course tutors who gave me some helpful hints.
So hopefully I'll be able to understand all the theory and do all the practical exercises in the course which will run for 6 months on a full time basis (3 full days a week plus work in a gym/leisure centre as part of the course).
I reckon I'll probably be the oldest participant, but apparently there are several middle-aged people in the course which is comforting.
And from what the tutor told me, there have been older participants in the past who have passed the examinations.
I hope you will all wish me luck with this new venture.
If I succeed, I may find some work in a gym and I would be qualified to work as a personal trainer. The latter would be of particular interest to me as I see so many middle-aged people in the gym who don't appear to be doing the right kind of exercises for what they want to achieve. Others probably turn up a few times and then stay away unless they can relate to someone in the gym who is willing and able to help them with their goals.
Anyway, that's what I'd be interested in, but for starters, I have to do the course and pass. I will keep you updated about my progress.

Sweaty Betty

09 September 2009

Internet connection still up the creek

Unfortunately, my internet connection is still up the creek and I haven't been able to get online at all since last night. Will they ever fix this?
I'm really stressed out and I'm sitting here in my vehicle in town with my netbook on my lap dealing with my emails. Needless to say, I'm not in the right frame of mind to post to my blogs.
More to follow as soon as I can access my internet from home again.

03 September 2009

The "posh" Gym

I've been away for a few days, just needed a short break as we were unable to go on holidays this year.
So we went to Northern Ireland for a bit of retail therapy (many things are cheaper in NI than in the Republic of Ireland) and a break.
For the last day and a bit, we've been staying in a hotel in Belfast. Part of the great deal we got via the internet was that guests can visit one of the "Members Only" gyms in the vicinity. I won't mention the establishment, but it's a well-known UK leisure club.
So I went to this leisure centre this morning, produced my hotel room card and was shown around by a member of staff. Wow! Star treatment for a non-paying visitor!
Afterwards, I went to the gym. I'd never seen a gym this size. For some of you out there, this gym would be the norm, but for me it was awesome! About 10 times or so the size of my local gym and maybe 120 machines plus free weights and a corner for boxing. That was just the gym. In addition, they had tennis courts, indoors and outdoors, and 2 swimming pools, one indoors and one outdoors.
I didn't know which way to turn when I entered the gym. So much choice! So I worked my way around. Warmed up on the treadmill, then went to the free weights section and afterwards to the various machines for weight training.
Boy, they had some machines I'd never seen before and I had no idea how to use them.
Fortunately, they had several instructors on duty who were more than willing to help.
So I used a few of these new machines.
After maybe an hour or so in the gym, I went for a swim outside. Weather wasn't great, cool and showery. After no summer for the third year running, we've gone straight into autumn/fall, but the sun was out for a little while today and the pool was heated. So that was great!
But then it happened: as soon as I had showered, my shoulders started hurting. Well, maybe my right shoulder was hurting a bit before I went to the gym (slap on the wrist, shouldn't have gone!), but now it was hurting a lot.
But as it was only 12pm, we went into Belfast city centre shortly afterwards.
The pain didn't improve. No, I don't think that there's anything wrong with me as such, but the machines I wasn't used to could've aggravated the pain in my shoulders. I've realised that as you get older, it takes a lot longer to recuperate from strenuous physical exercise and for whatever reason, my shoulders decided to pay me back for the punishment I inflicted on them in the gym this morning.
Yes, I really don't enjoy that side of being middle-aged, but I don't think I have a choice in this matter.
With a bit of luck, I'll be better in the morning.

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