10 September 2009

My new Venture

I'm starting an exciting new venture in October:
I've been accepted to the Gym Instructor and Health and Fitness Course at the University of Limerick. I'm thrilled! This means a lot to me and I hope I'm up for it. Talked to various people who believe that I can do it and conferred with one of the course tutors who gave me some helpful hints.
So hopefully I'll be able to understand all the theory and do all the practical exercises in the course which will run for 6 months on a full time basis (3 full days a week plus work in a gym/leisure centre as part of the course).
I reckon I'll probably be the oldest participant, but apparently there are several middle-aged people in the course which is comforting.
And from what the tutor told me, there have been older participants in the past who have passed the examinations.
I hope you will all wish me luck with this new venture.
If I succeed, I may find some work in a gym and I would be qualified to work as a personal trainer. The latter would be of particular interest to me as I see so many middle-aged people in the gym who don't appear to be doing the right kind of exercises for what they want to achieve. Others probably turn up a few times and then stay away unless they can relate to someone in the gym who is willing and able to help them with their goals.
Anyway, that's what I'd be interested in, but for starters, I have to do the course and pass. I will keep you updated about my progress.

Sweaty Betty

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