12 August 2009

Lean, sexy and hard

I listened to one of the national Irish radio stations yesterday where they interviewed a body builder. I have to admit, I couldn't follow the interview properly as I was working at the same time and my client was talking to me. I think listeners were encouraged to text in their questions.
So this 40 year old women asked what she should do in the gym in order to lose weight. The reply she got (not from the male body builder but from a woman associated with him) was that she should train with light weights...The old fallacy again! I was disgusted.
This evening, I came across another great article on women and weights, but this article by John Berardi goes into more detail to explain the science of muscle building in women. It's also geared a bit more towards women looking for that "perfect" physique. Don't be put off by the female body builders pictured at the top of the article though. This is not what I'm advocating and I'm certainly opposed to steroids and illegal drug taking.
Lean, sexy and hard. Weight Training for Women
Check out this interesting article though! I myself don't do all the exercises John is talking about as my knees are not in tip top condition, but I'm doing as much as I can. The use of heavy weights (heavy for me) has certainly made a difference to my physique over the last 7 months and has greatly helped me to lose weight.

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