03 October 2009

Slight setback

The reason I haven't been posting to this blog for a few weeks is that I've had a slight setback:
I've had a pain in my right shoulder for several weeks and am receiving acupuncture treatment for it. So I've changed my training routine for the time being in order to give my shoulder muscles/tendons a chance to heal.
I've been doing circuit training once a week (but will now have to cut out the weights from that), I've been doing cardio work on the treadmill and been concentrating on my leg and abdominal mucles.
In addition, I'm intending to go swimming once a week or so.
My course as a Gym and Fitness Instructor is starting in 2 weeks time and I want to be as fit as possible by that time. Hopefully, my shoulder will be ok again by then.
Doing this course is a big step for me and I'm terribly disappointed that I incurred this injury without having any clear idea as to how it happened.

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