25 August 2009

So delighted, I'm not the only one!!!

Went to the gym early this morning. I was still a bit sore from my hard training session yesterday, but I needed to kill half hour before going to work and after dropping my daughter into town, so what better way to do this than to go to the gym?
Decided not to do any weights this morning. Just wanted to walk on the treadmill for a bit. As I'm walking, I can see in the mirror that someone is using the bench press. On closer inspection, I notice that it's a middle aged woman.
So when I finish what I'm doing on the treadmill, I just have to go over and talk to her. I find out that she's of a similar age to myself and is training on several mornings a week. The reason I hadn't encountered her before was that she always goes to the gym first thing in the morning, while I'm usually there around lunchtime.
So we chat and talk about training and weight lifting and I find out that she really enjoys the bench press too.
I was delighted as I'd thought that I was the only woman in our local gym who actually enjoyed using the bench press. I should've really taken her phone number and arranged a training session with her. But maybe I'll run into her sometime as Ennis isn't a very big place.
A good start to the day :)

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1 comment:

  1. Good girl!..smiles..And of course Im sure you feeld much better..and youhave the feeling of healthy and joy..this day, right?..couse when you nake,,sports..you will feel great..
    Nice blog btw..