08 August 2009

Hi, nice to see you and welcome to Venus with Weights!

As you can see, this is a brand-new blog. The reason for this blog is that I think the topic of Women and Weight Training/Weightlifting deserves a blog of its own.
I have recently taken part in a weightlifting competition in my local gym in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland and written about the preparation for the competition, my trainer and the competition itself in my This 'n' That Blog. Now don't get apprehensive! It was only a small competition with 5 women taking part (and about 25 men on the men's side). At 53 years of age (54 this coming week), I was by far the oldest participant but the only one who had trained on the bench press. So I won the women's bench press competition without any difficulty.
The buzz and satisfaction I got out of this is hard to put in words. I was delighted! As many of you know, getting older isn't always easy and we often wish that we were feeling better or were younger looking and we miss our younger years. However, I'm a great believer in the saying
"You're as young as you feel!" Haven't we all met people in their twenties who were already old and inflexible in their minds or people in their eighties who were so young in their minds and led an active life?
What I'm trying to say is that you're never too old for anything if you really want to do it unless a diagnosed physical disability actually prevents you from doing such a thing.
I will collate a lot of information on the benefits of weightlifting and weight training in this blog alongside my own personal experiences and stories.
I hope you will enjoy this blog!

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